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Fast Braces in Springfield, MO

What are Fastbraces®?

While there are no shortcuts in orthodontic treatment, Fastbraces® Technology now allows a comprehensive solution that can show results in as little as 20 weeks. The teeth are moved fast and safely, creating a beautiful smile.  Fastbraces® Technology’s unique design allows for a significant improvement in the treatment time.

What makes Fastbraces® better?

Fastbraces® Technology typically works with just one orthodontic wire from start to finish, whereas traditional braces require a series of wires and tightening procedures. Old braces are usually bulky metal squares and move the crown of the tooth in the first year, and the root of the tooth in the second year. Most patients seeking orthodontic treatment are expecting a two-year treatment period. Fastbraces® technology begins affecting the movement of the root at the onset of the program, thus reducing the total time to a matter of weeks!

University research has shown that Fastbraces® Technology has low mean frictional forces, a clear-cut reduction in sliding friction and pain reduction with fitting front and back teeth together. Thousands of patients have been treated over the past 25 years.

How does it work?

The difference between the traditional braces and Fastbraces® is in the structure of the bracket. This technology uses what is referred to as self-ligating brackets. They eliminate the use of elastic bands and additional wires to hold them in place. These brackets have a fixed sliding system o that the teeth will straighten quickly and safely into the required position. Unlike the traditional braces, the Fastbraces® system targets the movement of roots and crowns of the teeth at the same time allowing the treatment to become significantly shorter. The new modern alternative to the traditional braces is great for just about anyone teens and adults.

End of Treatment

After treatment, the patient will start out by wearing the retainers every night during a normal 8-hour sleep period (“Tooth Pajamas”) or just in the shower for 20 minutes every day (“Tooth Shampoo”), as per the doctor’s instructions. Within a year, and from then on, the patient may find that they will only need to wear their retainers for 15-20 minutes every day.

Dr. Zee is an authorized Fastbraces® provider – call our office for a consultation about how we can quickly bring you the smile that you deserve.